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Health Packages

master health check up. Trusted by Leading Doctors & Hospitals. master health checkup. Over 200+. Scientific Officers. full body Full Body Checkup. Free Diet Plan, Consultation. Thyroid T3 T4 TSH. Liver-LFT, Kidney, FBS. Heart- Cholesterol Lipid Profile, Calcium Protein. Uric acid. Electrolytes Profile. Urine. Body Checkup with Hba1C. All type package.

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Bike Insurance

Two wheeler insurance,Bike insurance is a specific insurance policy that we buy for the protection of our vehicle against any damages due to an unfortunate accident.

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Car Insurance

Get your car protected against the losses incurred from unavoidable instances and prevent unexpected risks to your vehicle. It benefits in covering losses against theft, financial loss caused by accidents, or any other subsequent liabilities.

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Education Plans

Investing in your child’s future is paramount but a complicated affair. Our handpicked education plans from life insurance companies helps you grow your child’s education savings and protects their future

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Health Insurance

Health insurance has become a necessity in times like today. Any family member may be limited economically by distressing diseases or newly found ailments. In a short time, hospital bills can eat your savings.

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Term Life Insurance

For a limited period of time, Term Life Insurance gives you a fixed benefits life insurance coverage. The coverage (sum insured) is reachable to you at a low premium rate

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Savings & Investment Plans

Our savings and investment plans save you money for unexpected future events and increase your resources to meet your and your family's specific goals. A systemic investment plan is also included.

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Retirement Plans

Intelligent retirement includes financial independence and sufficient savings for future living growth. Our pension plans ensure a fixed lump sum for you (or for your spouse when you are absent) and ensure a steady stream of revenue for your wage career.

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We help our reinsurers with market insights and portfolio analysis to develop an understanding of their exposures. Our technological platforms provide real time monitoring of risk portfolios.

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We Are Dedicated For You

Let us make insurance easy for you!

Why Choose Us?

Global Partnership

Life & General is a one-stop solution for organizational and individual risk management and risk insurance requirements

Defined by People

Clients of multiple industries such as construction, transport, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, and government organizations have been greatly assisted.

Powered by knowledge

A brilliant team of highly skillful managers with years of insurance and risk management knowledge and experience.

Customer Support

Use state-of-the-art technology to reduce time and effort and improve sales, service, and communications “commodity & experience.”

We are Finance

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Our Commitment

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We Makes It Easy


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