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Business Loan


There comes a time in business when there is a need for extra funds for smooth functioning of business. These funds help you to expand your business, invest and help in your working capital need. At times like these, a quick business loan is the best financial aid that can help you grow more and more.

This borrowed funds can be applied towards daily expenses, for specific project funding, expansion of the business including purchasing of new machinery and other needs for the business. You can also apply to take business loan if you need investment for starting a new business or expanding for your existing business.

How to apply for a Business Loan?

Any business owner can apply for a business loan. Before you go for a business loan, you need to understand the basic purpose of the loan and identities and documentation you need for applying the business loan:
 Application form

  • Company bank statements for six months
  • Income Tax Returns for 2 years
  • Balance sheet and P&L accounts for 2 years
  • KYC documents of the company including PAN Card, Registration of Incorporation, Partnership deed, Memorandum & Articles of Association.
    KYC documents of the owners.
  • A report as to how the business loan intends to be utilised.

Why Insurance In Chandigarh?

Running a successful business is not an easy task. We have to face ups and downs ,as a business owner face. We, at Insurance In Chandigarh, understand that meeting every financial need is not simple or sometimes need a helping hand.

We take special pride in being that institution that can help you when you need help the most. We also give you the option of choosing what kind of loan you would need. This helps in routing that fund in the right direction and give you the boost you need. We help our best for the solution you are looking for.

Best Business Loan
Best Business Loan
Best Business Loan
Best Loan
Best Business Loan