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How to choose best Health Insurance in Chandigarh

Best Health Insurance
How to choose best Health Insurance in Chandigarh

How to Choose Right Health Insurance
In this age of inflation, getting a decent health insurance cover is the only way not to become a victim of the skyrocketing healthcare costs. But choosing the right health cover never comes easy. However, keeping a few tips handy makes sure you get an extensive cover at an optimum price. Here are 10 quick tips to keep in mind while buying health insurance.

Compare prices and features before buying. One policy can cost over 3 times the other!It’s quite easy to do this on India’s largest online destination for insurance and loans requirements, If you have a family, go for a Family floater policy.
It is more economical and gives higher coverage for each member of the family. In addition it provides the flexibility that any member can use any proportion of the floater.
This is helpful because in most cases one individual gets seriously ill, rather than the entire family.Compare the terms of the policy so you do not get a shock later.
A broker will be able to provide the best advice since he is largely independent.
Do not always adopt a policy with a cashless tie up with a hospital nearby. All good hospitals can be empanelled by insurance companies. Rather look for a policy that fulfils your requirements adequately.
Find out all the hospitals that your insurance company has empanelled with and understand what their specialization is, so if you are in need you can use the appropriate hospital, rather than just one all the time.Always it is advisable to buy from a broker, ask for their license number, and check if the details provided are correct from the IRDA website.
These brokers are independent and are paid for every policy they sell, so they are not inclined to push one over the other. An agent on the other hand sells for one company only and hence will generally push that company and its benefits.Be truthful and accurate in your declarations on the proposal form.
That will only ensure payment when you have a genuine claim.Exercise regularly and follow healthy eating habits. Avoid smoking or drinking in excess.
Over time all your efforts will definitely reduce your premium while covering the risk.If you already suffer from a disease, take the necessary precautions. Always act as if you are uninsured, even though you may be insured. This will always control your habits and will benefit you in the long run

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